Monday, August 21, 2017

Top 10 Posts

it started with this comment:

Eric51 Amy49 said...
Good morning Doc,
I'm curious what everyone's most viewed blog entry is and am suggesting we all re-post it. If you don't mind, replay that oldie but goodie. :)
I'm not sure Amy realized that, in order to find that out, I would have to go through 9 years of posts to find the most viewed.  That's a lot of posts--Amy should get a sound spanking for making me do that.  Or better yet, send her over here.  But I digress.
I decided that, if I was going to do that, I wouldn't just post the most viewed entry.  I decided to make it a Top Ten list.  Some of them I was surprised by.  Some I could have predicted.  A lot of them--heck, maybe all of them, I'm not sure--had been picked by Chross's Blog as a "Spanking Of The Week".  Getting that distinction from Chross always meant extra viewers visiting the blog, so no surprise that they'd be viewed so much.
I'm going to post #10 through #6 this week--the weekend will still consist of Spankable Saturday and Spanking Sunday--and then starting next Monday will be #5 to #1.  I hope you all enjoy this look back on Spanking Minnesota.
And remember to spank Amy.
#10 was post Aug. 22 of 2016, and was called Just For The Record -- 

*** A Chross Spanking of the Week ***

For what it's worth--

....she hates when he does this!

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In this case, switching from an actual small switch --

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A Fish Story

This is what happened to the one that didn't get away....